Create your barbecue!

The new line of professional gas and charcoal grills has been designed to offer superior and long-lasting performances. The Pianetagrill® barbecues and fry tops are made of top-quality materials (as for example stainless steel) and they are entirely produced in Italy. Thanks to their modular structure you can combine models and accessories in order to create your personal BBQ which best suits your desires and needs.

Cooking on the stainless steel Teppanyaki plate

Here the fire heats directly the 6mm thick Teppanyaki plate... Read more

Cooking on stainless steel grids

The fire warms up directly the grids through V-shaped diffusers... Read more

Cooking on the Soapstone plate

The soapstone plate is suitable for the dietetic preparation... Read more

Rotisserie grilling

Grilling on the spit perhaps is one of the oldest cooking methods, surely it’s among the tastiest... Read more