The professional BBQs of the new line signed Pianeta Grill are not only simply "grill devices" .... NO NO ...

They are a mixture of technology, know-how, security, performance, individuality and efficiency that brings the deeply inside us hidden gourmet to light. The passion for good cuisine and healthy food is a passion for life. It is well known that the way to the hearts is through the stomach. Thanks to their determination and perseverance the Carlesso family managed to launch a 100% Italian made, top-quality product with modern and linear design using the most innovative technologies thus ensuring maximum safety and top-comfort.

Our motto, "Model your personal BBQ" reflects the flexibility and craftsmanship of Pianeta Grill. Oh yes, all models fit precisely, thanks to their modular structure, your wishes and requests. You only have to ask and we certainly will find the solution that suits you best.

To underline the high quality of their products, Pianeta Grill guarantees:

5 years for Fry Top - 25 years for trolley

All items are realized in accordance to the EC Directive 2009/142 / EC
with certification no. 51CM4092 of 07-07-2011