The New Cubo

• in stainless steel
 • modern and elegant design, it’s very functional
 • working with wood and charchoal
 • equipped with 2 lateral shelves with ashwood top to be used as cutting board
 • Brazier, grill (400x610x130h mm) and integrated cover
 • Refractory cooking area
 • Extractable grease tray
 • Recloseable after the use
 • Weight 120 kg
 • Size: opened 610x600xh1385 mm. and closed 710x600xh817 mm.

Pianeta Grill presents the new, elegant and modern stainless steel charcoal grill Cubo.

cubo new aperto

Solid and compact, it is equipped with two pull-out work surfaces, two wood storage shelves and a lid.
Also grill and wood holder are in stainless steel and the grilling area is lined with vermiculite.
Other features include an integrated, removable grease receptacle which can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and 2 robust wheels which grant easy pushing

cubo new chiuso