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Cooking on stainless steel grids

Cottura con griglia in acciaio INOX

These not only ensure an uniform distribution of the heat but they protect the burners from the dropping fat, which is collected in the removable  drawer.

Roasting/grilling on grids

When using grids you can choose between two cooking techniques: the traditional direct grilling, especially suitable for thin cuts of meat, for fish or vegetables (in general for food with a roasting-time less than 20 minutes) or indirect cooking, where the barbecue is used like an oven.
Preheat the grill to 200 ° turning all the burners on. Once you reach the required temperature switch the middle burners off or keep their flames very low, place the food on the grid and close the lid: In this way you obtain the same heat circulation as in an oven. Indirect cooking is ideal for cooking fatty foods (ribs) or large pieces of meat or fish, which require a more than 20/25 minutes roasting time (whole chickens, turkeys, fishes and so on).

Cooking time

Fat meat, like ribs, which takes more time to roast thoroughly and to remove the excess of fat, should be cooked over medium heat. Red meat (beef and pork) needs high temperatures, while white one (chickens, turkeys, rabbits) needs only moderate temperatures. Fish and vegetables which take less time than meat must be cooked over low heat.

Cleaning  the grid

The grids can be easily washed in the dishwasher.