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Cooking on the Soapstone plate

cottura con pietra ollare

of foods without adding oil or fats. By using the hood you can bake delicious pizzas as in a pizza-oven.

Cooking on soapstone plate

On the pizza stone plate you can prepare whatever you want: meat, fish, vegetables and also pizzas. For pizza-baking you should place the soapstone plate in the middle of the plancha, then heat it carefully up for approximately 10 minutes.
Place the dough on parchment paper on the hot soapstone plate, close the lid and switch the middle burners off or keep their flames very low and increase the gas flow of the outer burners (indirect cooking). The cooking time varies between 12 and 15 minutes. Attention: Heat up the stone gradually in order to avoid a thermal shock. A sudden fluctuation of temperature may lead to the formation of cracks, which however don’t compromise the use.

Cooking time

Fat meat, like ribs, which need more time to roast thoroughly and to remove the excess of fat, should be cooked over medium heat. Red meat (beef and pork) needs high temperatures, while white one (chickens, turkeys, rabbits) needs only moderate temperatures. Fish and vegetables which take less time than meat must be cooked over low heat.

Cleaning the plate

Before the first use it’s absolutely necessary to wash both sides of the soapstone plate with warm bicarbonate-water then grease it with olive oil. After 24 hours remove the excess of fat, heat it and let it cool down. Only now the plate is ready for use.
The cool soapstone plate, after each use should be washed with hot water. Never pour cold water on the hot plate (rupture hazard). Avoid the use of detergents, because chemicals could be absorbed by the porous stone and never use steel-wool pads, which could scratch it. For best cleaning simply use a vinegar-water impregnated cleaning cloth.