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Cooking on the stainless steel Teppanyaki plate

Cottura con piastra in acciaio INOX

thus cooking promptly the food. In this way an even, quick and perfect distribution of the heat on the whole surface, with following benefits, is guaranteed:

  • Quick heating thanks to the strong broadband burners
  • Light and healthy cooking on the Teppanyaki-stainless steel-plate without adding grease or oil. So the food’s taste and nutritional properties remain unaltered
  • Hygiene: The Teppanyaki-stainless steel-plate doesn’t rust at all
  • Easy cleaning: Holes in the plate and a conduit underneath allow for all grease drops to run off
  • Saving money: The correct heat distribution reduces the gas consumption

Cooking/grilling on the plate

Drop some water on the hot Teppanyaki-plate, so you can control whether it is ready for use. The ideal temperature is reached when the drops split up into a lot of smaller dancing ones, but when they evaporate you should wait another little bit.

Cooking time

Fatty meat, like ribs, which takes more time to roast thoroughly and to remove excess of fat, should be cooked over medium heat. Red meat (beef and pork) needs high temperatures, while white one (chickens, turkeys, rabbits) needs only moderate temperatures. Fish and vegetables which take less time than meat must be cooked over low heat.

Cleaning the plate

Heat the plate and wash it with vinegar-water. A scraper can be very useful to remove small and bigger incrustations.