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Rotisserie grilling

cottura con spiedo

and healthiest ones. The heat is transmitted by radiation (without direct contact with the heating source thanks to the infrared-burner situated in the back of the cooking area) to the slowly rotating meat on the spit set.
The meat on the spit is roasting in a dry environment unlike the food in the oven, where you can find inevitably vapor. The fat melts and drops, therefore the meat must be moisturized from time to time with liquids in order to prevent it from drying too much.
The rotisserie is very suitable for broiling meat, mixed meat pieces, birds and chickens, but it’s perfect too for preparing different marinated fishes (for example eel) or tough seafood (squid, octopus, cuttlefish, prawn …)

Cooking methods


A perfect grilling procedure starts with placing the meat spits very close to the heat source. Once the meat gets color, the distance should be increased so that preparation continues very slowly.
As already mentioned, it is necessary to baste the meat from time to time with gravy or other liquids thus avoiding excessive parching. Don’t overdo otherwise it is boiled and loses flavor and aroma.
A little tip for grilling birds: wrap them with a few slices of bacon and increase, at the end of the cooking process, the temperature - so their meat gets soft and tasty.
How to get a crispy rind when you broil pork: at the end of the cooking process you only have to moisturize the meat with some beer and increase the grilling temperature.