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Wheeled BBQ – Master Grill

The “Master Grill” was designed and manufactured to offer a massive wheeled BBQ that is both functional and stylish.

Designed to meet both professional and domestic and nautical uses, Master Grill features a large 750×450 mm cooking surface and practical side shelves.

A powerful cooking system, heat diffuser for evenly cooking and flavoring food, and a wide range of accessories available to make your barbecue an enjoyable experience.

BBQs can be either LPG or METHANE (city landline), to be specified preference when ordering.

Cooktop with a choice of: Stainless steel rod grills – Stainless steel V-shaped drain grills – 6 MM stainless steel plates – Original ollar stones from Valtellina

Carts available in the following colors:

Black Red Anthracite
Turtledove White

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750×450 cooktop with No. 2 375×450 stainless steel V-shaped drain grates, 750×450 cooktop with No. 2 375x450x8mm thick stainless steel rod grills, Cooktop 750×450 with No. 2 375×450 soapstone from Valtellina, Italy, 750×450 cooktop with No. 1 stainless steel teppanyaki plate

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