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Countertop BBQ – FRY TOP 750

Designed to adapt to various environments and needs, Fry Top 750 offers a choice of 3 or 4 burners and 750×450 mm cooktop composition combinable between rod grills, V-drain grills, 6 mm stainless steel Teppanyaki plates, and Valtellina ollar stones.
Professional and practical, it is designed to be cleaned quickly and easily.

Ability to make your BBQ HYBRID find out how by clicking here.

BBQs can be either LPG or METHANE (city landline), to be specified preference when ordering.

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Width mm: 840
Depth mm: 650 (closed) – 780 (open)
Height mm: 530 (closed) – 650 (open)
Cooktop: 750 x 450



3 burners of 4kw each total 12 kw
o 4 burners of 4kw each total 16 kw


40 KG


Stainless steel


  • Material: stainless steel
  • 3 or 4 burners of 4 KW each, for a total of 12 or 16KW.
  • Battery-operated piezo ignition
  • Gas safety system guaranteed by thermocouple
  • Inverted V-shaped heat diffusers to protect burners, removable and dishwasher safe (only for models with grill).
  • Stainless steel drawer with removable cooking fat collection for easy cleaning.
  • Side grease drain gutter or front grease drawer
  • 750x450mm cooking surface, choice of stainless steel rod grill, stainless steel V-shaped drain grate, stainless steel Teppanyaki plate, or soapstone from Valtellina. Since our BBQs are modular you can combine the various cooktops to meet your needs.
  • Possibility of combining Premium, Dual or Infrared side stove.
  • Choice of stainless steel lid between Steel lid or Steel&Glass lid. They are provided with a thermostat to detect the internal temperature, the Steel&Glass lid is provided with a glass so that you can control the cooking of food inside the BBQ.
  • Option to match the charcoal tray making the BBQ Hybrid.
  • Direct or indirect cooking mode.

Model without side drains

  • Free from side drains
  • Free from side gas attack
  • Perfect for recessed
  • Rear gas connection
  • Front drawer with removable gutter to collect cooking fat.

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Specifiche tecniche acciaio inox 304 vs 430.

La scelta dell’acciaio su cui si cuociono carne, verdure, pesce e cibi in generale è di importanza fondamentale per la salute del nostro organismo, per questo noi di Pianeta Grill utilizziamo l’acciaio inox per le nostre griglie e piastre di cottura.

Nei barbecue (sia a gas che a legna) vengono raggiunte alte temperature: ciò significa che i componenti chimici con cui è realizzata la griglia possono rilasciare sostanze e metalli che vengono assorbite dai cibi, e quindi digerite, l’acciaio inox non ha questi problemi perché per fondere deve avere una temperatura minima di 1450° quindi temperature difficilmente se non impossibile da raggiungere con un barbecue.

Gli acciai per cottura devono essere acciai di qualità: essere utilizzabili per la cottura dei cibi, stabili alle alte temperature, e resistenti alla corrosione nel tempo.

Pianeta Grill utilizza principalmente 2 tipi di acciaio per i barbecue e le griglie di cottura: l’acciaio inox 304 e l’acciaio inox 430.

Sia l’acciaio 304 che l’acciaio 430 rientrano, secondo il Decreto del Ministero della Sanità del 21 marzo 1973, tra gli acciai che possono essere in contatto con gli alimenti.

Specifications 304 vs 430 stainless steel.

The choice of steel on which we cook meat, vegetables, fish and foods in general is of paramount importance for the health of our bodies, which is why we at Planet Grill use stainless steel for our grills and cooking plates.

In barbecues (both gas and wood-fired) high temperatures are reached: this means that the chemical components from which the grill is made can release substances and metals that are absorbed by food, and thus digested, thestainless steel does not have these problems because to melt it must have a minimum temperature of 1450° so temperatures that are difficult if not impossible to achieve with a barbecue.

Cooking steels must be quality steels: be usable for cooking food, stable at high temperatures, and resistant to corrosion over time.

Planet Grill mainly uses 2 types of steel for barbecues and cooking grills: 304 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel.

Both304 steel and430 steel are among the steels that can be in contact with food, according to the Ministry of Health Decree of March 21, 1973.

New Hybrid BBQ

Using both gas and coal, on the same BBQ?
From today, your dreams come true!

New! The hybrid BBQ, running on both gas and charcoal through the use of a handy stainless steel pan.
Simply place the stainless steel tray inside the BBQ, thanks to its interlocking design it will fit perfectly on the burners. Once the tray is inserted, coal can be placed inside, the burners underneath lit, and you are done.
Practical, fast and functional-what more could you want?