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Infrared stove

The infrared zone is a cooking surface, operating by radiation, which allows a temperature of 800°C to be reached in a few minutes.

Can be combined with both Fry Top 750 (range)-Fry Top 1000 countertop BBQs and Sun Grill-Master Grill carts (left or right).

It consists of a burner with a ceramic honeycomb top with very small holes for heat diffusion, thus optimizing gas consumption. The heat that is developed is intense and allows for a temperature very similar to that developed by embers.

A stainless steel grid is placed on top of it, with dimensions of 240mm wide, 340mm long with a thickness of 7mm.

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  • The infrared zone is perfect for cooking a variety of meat types that you want to sear quickly, but also for cooking vegetables and more.
  • The infrared zone can also be used to cook with any pot: just place it on top of the grill and it can be used as a regular stove.
  • The infrared zone has the incredible advantage that it practically cleans itself.

The steel grill will be able to be cleaned just like the rest of the barbecue, while the ceramic part requires no cleaning or maintenance. In fact, the high temperature (above 800°C) allows any residue, including released cooking fat from the meat itself, to be reduced to ash.

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For Fry Top 750 and Sun Grill cart (left or right), For Master Grill cart (left or right)

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