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Cooking with stainless steel plate

With this solution, the fire heats the stainless steel plate (6 mm thick) by conduction and then directly the food, reaching the ideal cooking temperature quickly (230/250° in just 7 minutes) and evenly distributed over the entire surface.


Cooking with griddle

To check if the plate is ready to use, pour drops of water on it. If these break down into micro particles and disperse along the plate, it means that the ideal temperature has been reached; if, however, the droplets evaporate instantly, wait a few minutes.

Cooking times

Cook fatty meats such as ribs over moderate heat, which need time to cook inside and remove excess fat. Meats for slaughter (cattle and pigs) need high temperatures, while white meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit) need moderate heat. Fish takes less time than meat and should be cooked over low heat, as should vegetables.

Cleaning the plate

Heat the plate and wash it with water and vinegar, helping with a scraper to remove any scale.



The fire directly heats the stainless steel grill through the inverted V-shaped diffusers, which not only ensure even heat distribution and flavor, but also protect the burners from cooking fat that is collected in a convenient pull-out drawer.

With the grill, food can be cooked using two different techniques: with traditional direct cooking you place the food directly over the heat source (generally for all foods that require no more than 20 to 30 minutes of cooking time), or through indirect cooking, in which the grill is used as if it were an oven.

Preheat the barbecue to 200° by turning on all burners. Once the temperature is reached, turn off one side and place the food in the off side by closing the lid-this will result in oven-effect hot air currents. Indirect cooking is ideal for cooking very fatty foods (ribs) or large foods that require cooking times longer than 20 to 25 minutes (whole chickens or turkeys, roasts, whole fish).

cottura griglia


Skewer cooking is perhaps one of the oldest cooking methods, certainly among the tastiest and healthiest. Heat is transmitted by radiation (without direct contact with the source) from the infrared burner, located inside the lid, to the meat threaded into a skewer, which is rotated slowly.

On the spit the meat cooks in a dry environment, as opposed to the oven, where steam buildup is inevitable: the fat in the food melts and drips, so it is necessary to wet and grease the meat from time to time to prevent it from drying out excessively. The skewer is mainly suitable for cooking meat, skewers of mixed meats, birds and chickens.

Skewering can also be used for some fish such as eel and shellfish with leathery flesh (cuttlefish, squid, octopus, and squid) can be marinated and cooked on a skewer.

The procedure for achieving optimal spit-roasting is to start with the meats arranged very close to the heat source; when they begin to color, retract the spit and continue the preparation slowly. As mentioned, it is necessary to grease the meat from time to time to prevent it from drying out. However, care must be taken not to overwater it, otherwise it may become boiled, losing flavor and taste.

cottura con spiedo


Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of talc and magnesite.
This material has exceptional resistance to temperature excursion and has great heat storage capabilities.

Both plates and real cookware can be made from this material.

The plates, which usually have a large thickness, can be placed over the embers of the barbecue or fireplace.
They usually have a metal frame to make it stable over the fire and handles to move it around.

Ideal for baking:
The soapstone should be gradually brought to temperature with any heat source (bbq, gas, fireplace).
pizza su pietra ollare
  • Soapstone can also be used to make delicious pizza (you place the stone inside the barbecue possibly in the center for example on a 75 cm barbecue cooking stone is recommended 50 cm to have space on the sides to spin hot air, close the lid and raise the temperature to 250°/300° and you can cook a pizza in just 3 minutes).
  • The first time a soapstone griddle is used, it should be washed with salt water and dried carefully, then the griddle should be greased with olive oil and kept greased for a day.
  • It is recommended to heat the plate gradually over a heat source making sure that the fire is even across the entire surface so as to avoid different expansion that could cause it to break.
Cleaning tips:
  • Cold water should never be used to cool a soapstone item but should be allowed to cool slowly. Once warm, use a cloth soaked in vinegar and an iron scraper or brush.

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New Hybrid BBQ

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From today, your dreams come true!

New! The hybrid BBQ, running on both gas and charcoal through the use of a handy stainless steel pan.
Simply place the stainless steel tray inside the BBQ, thanks to its interlocking design it will fit perfectly on the burners. Once the tray is inserted, coal can be placed inside, the burners underneath lit, and you are done.
Practical, fast and functional-what more could you want?

Specifications 304 vs 430 stainless steel.

The choice of steel on which we cook meat, vegetables, fish and foods in general is of paramount importance for the health of our bodies, which is why we at Planet Grill use stainless steel for our grills and cooking plates.

In barbecues (both gas and wood-fired) high temperatures are reached: this means that the chemical components from which the grill is made can release substances and metals that are absorbed by food, and thus digested, thestainless steel does not have these problems because to melt it must have a minimum temperature of 1450° so temperatures that are difficult if not impossible to achieve with a barbecue.

Cooking steels must be quality steels: be usable for cooking food, stable at high temperatures, and resistant to corrosion over time.

Planet Grill mainly uses 2 types of steel for barbecues and cooking grills: 304 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel.

Both304 steel and430 steel are among the steels that can be in contact with food, according to the Ministry of Health Decree of March 21, 1973.