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Cooking with stainless steel plate

With this solution, the fire heats the stainless steel plate (6 mm thick) by conduction and then directly the food, reaching the ideal cooking temperature quickly (230/250° in just 7 minutes) and evenly distributed over the entire surface.


Cooking with griddle

To check if the plate is ready to use, pour drops of water on it. If these break down into micro particles and disperse along the plate, it means that the ideal temperature has been reached; if, however, the droplets evaporate instantly, wait a few minutes.

Cooking times

Cook fatty meats such as ribs over moderate heat, which need time to cook inside and remove excess fat. Meats for slaughter (cattle and pigs) need high temperatures, while white meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit) need moderate heat. Fish takes less time than meat and should be cooked over low heat, as should vegetables.

Cleaning the plate

Heat the plate and wash it with water and vinegar, helping with a scraper to remove any scale.