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Grilled Tuna Steak

grilled tuna steak

Tuna tagliata with mint pesto is a particularly tasty dish that is easy to prepare and suitable for fish lovers.

It can be a valuable summer main course, as the mint pesto makes the preparation especially fresh and the tuna lends itself well to being eaten at room temperature.
The special feature of tuna steak is that, after a light marinating, it is lightly seared on both sides and left pinkish in the middle, somewhat as is the case with the classic beef tagliata cooked rare.
In this case, however, since it is fish that is not fully cooked, as with sushi, it is essential that it be very fresh, a quality that can be recognized by the bright, pinkish color of the flesh, which should not tend to brownish.


In a high-sided container, pour theoil and add thesliced garlic, the halls, the pepper, l’finely chopped chivese (or parsley) and the juice of one lemon.Now marinate the tuna fillet for about half an hour Turning it over in the dressing at least once; don’t overdo it of marinating, otherwise the lemon will end up overcooking the tuna meat.
If you have to marinate the meat a long time in advance because of time constraints, avoid adding the lemon right away; you will only put it in a few minutes before cooking the tuna.

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New Hybrid BBQ

Using both gas and coal, on the same BBQ?
From today, your dreams come true!

New! The hybrid BBQ, running on both gas and charcoal through the use of a handy stainless steel pan.
Simply place the stainless steel tray inside the BBQ, thanks to its interlocking design it will fit perfectly on the burners. Once the tray is inserted, coal can be placed inside, the burners underneath lit, and you are done.
Practical, fast and functional-what more could you want?

Specifications 304 vs 430 stainless steel.

The choice of steel on which we cook meat, vegetables, fish and foods in general is of paramount importance for the health of our bodies, which is why we at Planet Grill use stainless steel for our grills and cooking plates.

In barbecues (both gas and wood-fired) high temperatures are reached: this means that the chemical components from which the grill is made can release substances and metals that are absorbed by food, and thus digested, thestainless steel does not have these problems because to melt it must have a minimum temperature of 1450° so temperatures that are difficult if not impossible to achieve with a barbecue.

Cooking steels must be quality steels: be usable for cooking food, stable at high temperatures, and resistant to corrosion over time.

Planet Grill mainly uses 2 types of steel for barbecues and cooking grills: 304 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel.

Both304 steel and430 steel are among the steels that can be in contact with food, according to the Ministry of Health Decree of March 21, 1973.