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Tomahawk the Brontosaurus steak



Tomahawk steak is made from the front part of the sirloin of beef. Its shape is reminiscent of the offensive tool in Indian hands because of the long bone-a foot of rib-that is left intact. It is a very rare cut of Australian beef, and in those parts they mainly eat only those that are born from the cross between Black Angus and the highly prized Wagyu ( but it can’ be obtained from other breeds as well, of course). The meat is very aromatic and flavorful and has a clear “core” of fat. The fine fibers and strong marbling are characteristic and make the meat tender and juicy. These characteristics make the cut a true jewel of the butcher’s shop and, as the experienced carnivore can easily guess, destined for a single destiny: barbecuing. An attractive appearance that does not require lengthy makeup, tomahawk is simple to prepare even for the least experienced griller.tomahawk meat tomahawk meat


It is important that the meat be removed from the refrigerator about an hour before cooking and dried well and gently massaged with extra virgin olive oil. In Australia, the land of origin of this spectacular steak, gourmets cook it this way: it should be browned for two minutes on both sides and at high temperatures to prevent the juices from escaping. Equally crucial is the subsequent low-temperature cooking to be done preferably in the closed grill or 120° oven. When the desired cooking time is reached, a pinch of salt and a grinding of pepper are all that is needed to season the steak. A short wait before reaching the peak of pleasure by tasting it: our steak should be allowed to rest for a few minutes wrapped in foil. This very short resting period is to allow the fibers to relax without the meat getting cold.


This is a special, very tasty cut of meat made from the cuberoll, which is a very valuable part of beef from which this rib-eye steak is made. The long bone that is cooked on the grill along with the rest is cleaned of excess meat, cartilage, and fat so that it acquires an appearance pleasing to the eye and highly scenic. La Tomahawk is cut according to the thickness of the bone and is never less than 4cm, even reaching 7/8cm with a weight close to 2kg.


tomahawk meat recipes



Cook the meat 20 minutes total, proceeding as follows:
Heat the griddle, or grill, very well.
4 minutes side A with the rib facing the right side of the plate/grid
4 minutes side A with the rib facing the left side of the plate/grid
4 minutes B side with the rib facing the right side of the plate/grid
4 minutes side B with the rib facing the left side of the plate/grid
4 minutes along the edges
By following this cooking method, you will cross each side and get perfect cauterization lines.
Season with good extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt



how to cook tomahawk meat




The salting chapter of the tomahawk deserves a side note because as Jonathan explains, he uses a particular type of salt to season it: Himalayan salt: “We use Himalayan pink salt is quite different from ordinary table salt, which is essentially sodium chloride. Himalayan salt is pure, very ancient, and free of toxins and pollutants that can contaminate the types of salt that come from the seas and oceans.” A particularly welcome expedient for customers, but even not using this particular salt, the taste and sophistication of the tomahawk remains unaltered and a must-try at least once for hardened grillers and steak eaters.

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