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The Perfect Grill

The secret to the perfect barbecue? It lies in the variety of meats. If you just make a “steak” of beef you will have a protein, succulent food that you eat little of and are full. If you prepare only pork you will have a fatty, connective meat, tasty of course but when you get up from the table you are “baked”! Chicken is not to be missed, more can be eaten, and it is tasty. In short, for the perfect barbecue, the four things that must not be missing are: boneless chicken thighs, left to marinate with salt, sage and rosemary. When you cook them, remember to add the lemon juice“.


The sausages

Sausages should be chosen that have more fat than that for home cooking.

The sausage should not be pierced, so that it does not lose too much fat but normally likes it well cooked, so it can even be “opened” to be grilled first on the meat side and then on the skin side for very little. If done carefully, avoiding flare-ups, this operation makes the sausage well cooked on one side and still semi-cooked on the other, creating a delicious contrast



La pork rostinciana, for which there is a trick: the piece has a more or less triangular shape that must be divided into two or three pieces.

To separate the individual ribs Carve them without separating them from the bone, somewhat like the Americans do with “ribs.” Leaving a whole smear. This cut makes sure that you don’t burn the edge.


The rib

And then you cannot miss her, the queen of the grill: the fiorentina! It should be cooked in three stages: first standing for 4 minutes, then 4 minutes to the right e 4 left. Only at the end you can salt. In contrast to other cuts, the Florentine steak wants the highest heat point of the coals: the fiber of the beef must close up and leave all the juices inside“.

barbecue barbecue


How do you choose the meat?

“Crethat it is not crucial to origin, whether Argentine, Italian or Danish, but rather the choice should fall on animals that have lived in a healthy and balanced way. It is said “we are what we eat.” Well, the same applies to animals as well. It is important to buy meats from those you trust. The butcher must be a friend. Preferably choose small stores, zero km, but also large retailers as long as the meats have good certifications.

Also, watch out for color: don’t be fooled by colored meats. Maturity is important; it is what will make the difference between a tough or excellent steak. Do not disdain it because it is dark in color. Meat if it is not good sends unmistakable signals, it has nothing to do with color.

As for chicken, choose those that are free-range or borderline free-range, with yellowish-colored meat-they are tougher but it is synonymous with the fact that the chicken has walked. There is a butcher’s trick here, too, to recognize a healthy animal: if it has abundant testicles it is good, meaning it has grown normally. The “inflated” ones, speeding their growth have tiny “marbles”!

On sausage, favor those with a good fat to lean ratio, with natural casing and without preservatives, antioxidants and various junk food. For rostinciana, too, mind the balance between the fat and lean parts and devote care to the seasoning stage“.

marinating meat


or seasoning I love total simplicity, but even here there is a process: I put in a container

salt, sage, rosemary and garlic

and I let them sit

even two months
. Then I chop it all up and flavor it with this flavored salt and pepper. For pork and rabbit, fennel flower is excellent. While the meats are cooking I love to have a “broom” with a sprig of rosemary and sage and brush the meats with a mixture of oil, pepper and red wine. Pay attention to the wood, too: the best, for elite, pure, snow-clear coals, is olive wood. Enhances flavors in an incredible way“.

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New Hybrid BBQ

Using both gas and coal, on the same BBQ?
From today, your dreams come true!

New! The hybrid BBQ, running on both gas and charcoal through the use of a handy stainless steel pan.
Simply place the stainless steel tray inside the BBQ, thanks to its interlocking design it will fit perfectly on the burners. Once the tray is inserted, coal can be placed inside, the burners underneath lit, and you are done.
Practical, fast and functional-what more could you want?

Specifications 304 vs 430 stainless steel.

The choice of steel on which we cook meat, vegetables, fish and foods in general is of paramount importance for the health of our bodies, which is why we at Planet Grill use stainless steel for our grills and cooking plates.

In barbecues (both gas and wood-fired) high temperatures are reached: this means that the chemical components from which the grill is made can release substances and metals that are absorbed by food, and thus digested, thestainless steel does not have these problems because to melt it must have a minimum temperature of 1450° so temperatures that are difficult if not impossible to achieve with a barbecue.

Cooking steels must be quality steels: be usable for cooking food, stable at high temperatures, and resistant to corrosion over time.

Planet Grill mainly uses 2 types of steel for barbecues and cooking grills: 304 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel.

Both304 steel and430 steel are among the steels that can be in contact with food, according to the Ministry of Health Decree of March 21, 1973.